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Our far-reaching property management solutions are ideal for clients across London, including short-term rentals, property managers, and agents. The work we do simplifies operations for clients in the capital, ensuring they can exceed residents' satisfaction  and boost their return on investment.

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Property management can be a time-consuming task, especially when you’re responsible for multiple properties or large blocks. Housekeeping, maintenance, compliance, and vetting are part and parcel of the process, and Opago is here to make these tasks hassle free to manage. Our fully managed solutions keep your properties clean, safe, and guest ready for the next tenant.

Short-term rentals

For short-term rentals, the Opago team offers complete property management solutions. We provide housekeeping services to keep your property tidy, maintenance work to remedy any issues, and compliance to fulfil legal requirements. A popular facet of our solutions is the check-in service we offer. This allows us to vet your short-term tenants, welcome them to the property, and swiftly provide any assistance they need.

When you partner with us, you can also link your Property Management System (PMS) with our industry-leading tech platform. This link means you can view, schedule, and review any services linked to your property.

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Property managers

If you manage multiple sites, you’ll be fully aware of how much time goes into cleaning, maintaining, and overseeing a rental property. With Opago, you can reduce your stress, financial outlay, and time spent, all while receiving a first-class service. Regular housekeeping, all types of maintenance, compliance, and our popular check-in services are all available to property managers in London, and everything is managed throughout our tech platform.

Linking with your existing PMS, our tech platform schedules the work our in-house team undertakes, including regular services and ad hoc work as required. This gives you full visibility over what we’ve done, as well as reports, financial tracking, and inventories.

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The quality of the service, and the professionalism of the team at Opago, enables us to run our end-to-end operations more efficiently.

Alvaro Ferro
General Manager

Estate agents

At Opago, we work to make managing multiple properties easier. We know that estate agents often struggle to keep up with the demands of short let property management, and our solution provides technical sophistication and first-class services. Housekeeping, maintenance, compliance, and check-ins are all provided by our team, allowing you to manage more properties with less headaches.

Our tech platform integrates seamlessly with yours, avoiding extra admin work and ensuring services are carried out at the optimum time. Scheduling, reports, and inventories are all available via the platform, so you have full visibility over what we do and when upcoming work will be undertaken.

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Build to rent

To build occupancy in your build to let property, a combination of short, medium, and long-term is usually the most effective method. However, it can be tricky to manage this turnover, and that’s where we come in. Our property solutions that are as flexible as you are, and we provide everything you need, including onboarding services, regular housekeeping and maintenance, and compliance where applicable.

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Student accommodation

Our student accommodation solutions help landlords to generate income year-round. Firstly, our goal is to help you create accommodation that appeals to every student by offering first-class housekeeping, efficient maintenance, and outstanding client-facing services. Then, to maximise your returns, we provide the solutions needed to use your property for short-term lets in the summer. This work means you can capitalise on the voids left when students travel home, rather than waiting for term to restart.

Our industry-leading tech platform enables these services, giving you access to reports, schedules, and inventories. This links with any existing Property Management Systems, reducing admin time and giving you the freedom to take a more hands-off approach.

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Social housing

As one of the most needed accommodation options in London, we know that the demand for maintenance on social housing properties is high. We offer a full suite of maintenance services, including compliance, daily reactive tasks, and a plethora of planned, scheduled works. Our array of services means that we’re cross-skilled, working on multiple properties to ensure tenants have a safe and happy place to live.

As with all our services, everything is managed by our tech platform. This industry-leading offering gives you full visibility over ongoing works, any overarching issues, and the solutions that we’ve found to problems.

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