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Built by property managers for property managers, our platform allows you to upload and manage your property data all in one place. Scheduling, analytics, databases, and billing are all centrally located, giving you a complete overview of how your property is performing, when services will be carried out, and everything else you need to know.

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From checking in on your property during a tenancy to organising check-in services for upcoming tenants, you can do everything you need at the touch of a button. Discover how our platform allows you to take a hands-off, hassle-free approach to property management.

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When your property needs cleans, maintenance, or compliance services, everything can be scheduled via the platform. Regular routines can be set up for cleaning, reported maintenance issues can be rectified swiftly, and compliance reminders can be created so that safety certification never lapses.

Our goal is to make scheduling as easy as possible for property owners and managers, especially those that manage vast portfolios. It can be difficult to keep track of which services are coming up and which have been completed, so why not have all the information you need in one place?

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Service Dashboard

The service dashboard pulls everything about your property together. Our industry-leading tech means that all your information can be pre-loaded onto the system, making scheduling, analytics, and billing easy. Prices can also be added, and this gives you full visibility of what you’re spending.

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With the analytics section, you get a full overview of how the property is performing, how your residents are doing, and any trends that have developed. Doing this work independently can be time consuming, so why not let an expert team with first-class software do it for you?

Everything is available at the touch of a button and our existing clients have found this feature to be one of the most useful tools. Regularly consulting this section is a great way to keep an eye on your property’s health and track your potential return on investment.

Property Database

Again focusing on visibility, this property database pulls all the information about your portfolio together. This easily accessible platform shows how each location is doing in terms of the work our team has done, the work we may need to carry out, and any comments from guests subject to check-in and check-out services.


Information about billing is found on the platform, ensuring you know what your outgoings are. With Opago, you benefit from a comprehensive, all-in-one service, and this can often save time and money compared to sourcing and coordinating individual contractors.

By having full access to this billing information, you’ll be able to see where we’ve made savings on your behalf, how we’ve best utilised your outlay, and how we’re optimising your investment.

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