How we meet our sustainability goals
At Opago, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. From internal initiatives to key partnerships, we’re passionate about doing our part for the planet. This green commitment guides how we work, the services we carry out, and the partnerships we forge, and you can find out more about everything we’re doing below.
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Our Green Initiatives
From switching to sustainable suppliers to using electric vehicles, there’s a lot that we’re doing in our effort to go green. The level of pollution in London is falling, but there’s still work to be done, and that’s why we’re committing to being a sustainable business.
Sustainable toiletries
Our selection of sustainable products includes Cheeky Panda and Home Things, and Carton Water. These single-use items still keep up our sustainability standards. Cheeky Panda offers 100% Bamboo toilet paper, and Home Things’ exceptional household cleaning supplies, laundry liquid, and washing up liquid save hundreds of bottles going into landfills each month. Carton Water is a brand of British Spring Water sourced from the ancient limestone hills of Mendip in Somerset.
Electric Vehicles
Opago’s fleet includes electric vehicles to reduce our overall emissions and carbon footprint. These vans allow us to do our part for reducing emissions in London, and make each of our journeys eco-friendly. Our goal is to eventually have all the vehicles associated with Opago to be eco-friendly and electric.
Green Partnerships
In early 2023, Opago also partnered with Ecologi to have a greater impact on our carbon footprint. This partnership has seen more than 1,700 trees planted around the world, over 100 tonnes of CO2e avoided since March 2023, and fantastic projects supported in Uganda and Morocco.
Tech-Led Services
At Opago, all work is arranged, booked, and tracked via our app. This app directly reduces the amount of paper used by the company, and also makes journeys around London more efficient by working smartly to schedule appointments. Services are only carried out when necessary, with everything flagged within the app.
Our green partners
To secure our position as a sustainable business, we’ve forged fantastic partnerships with companies that share our ambition. Between them, these partners help us to reach our goals by providing first-class products that we know are sustainably sourced.
Carton Water is a brand of British Spring Water sourced from the ancient limestone hills of Mendip in Somerset. The water is naturally alkaline (pH7.6) and is packaged in a sustainable carton made from plant-based materials. The cartons are lightweight and take up less space than plastic bottles, making them a more environmentally friendly option. They are also refillable and recyclable, further reducing their environmental impact.
Roar Gill is revolutionising the coffee industry with their sustainable approach to coffee pods. Committed to eco-friendly practices, their compostable pods and carbon neutral roasting and production processes ensure that your daily caffeine fix doesn't cost the earth.
Home Things is our chosen provider of ecologically sound cleaning products. Founded in Belgium, the company provides household cleaning supplies, laundry liquid, and washing up liquid refills. Their mission is to live clean and we love joining with them and echoing this message.
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