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Originally formed in 2019 as City Relay Solutions, Opago was launched in response to the clear problems that renters faced in London. Now a one-stop solution for property managers in city centres, Opago uses industry-leading technology to streamline operations and maximise returns for investors.

Our history

When we first launched, we offered a simple solution to landlords - outsourced housekeeping, managed linen, amenities, and maintenance services. This kept everything in one place, all managed by our in-house technology. As a local, on-the-ground partner, we allowed investors to have lean teams and save money.

These solutions were popular with clients and following the lockdowns between 2020 and 2021, more people joined with us and trusted in our far-reaching services.

Our present & future

Now established as a unique one-stop shop offering full-service solutions to clients, we use industry-leading, proprietary technology to streamline operations. We work from our head office and operations hub, both in London, to serve clients in the UK, as well as expanding our operations into Europe and, eventually, North America.

To partner with as many clients as possible, we’re also expanding our offering. Our specialised services for student landlords, buy-to-let managers, and social housing coordinators diversifies what we can offer and the results we can achieve.

The quality of the service, and the professionalism of the team at Opago, enables us to run our end-to-end operations more efficiently.

Alvaro Ferro
General Manager

Our team

Opago’s first-class services are overseen by our leadership team.

Maxime Leufroy-Murat
Linked In
Eskine Berry
Managing Director
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