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Managing large scale portfolios over multiple landlords whilst proving consistently high operational services can be difficult for estate agents in London. But, when you choose Opago, you can look after more properties without worrying about operational issues that can be easily overlooked. Our all-encompassing services cover everything from regular cleans to five-yearly compliance checks, all of which keep your property and its tenants safe.

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Industry-leading tech

Our first-class tech platform is a huge boon for estate agents as it integrates directly with existing platforms. This reduces admin time and gives you more hours to match perfect properties with ideal tenants.Everything is done on this platform, including scheduling, reporting, and documentation, so you needn’t look any further than Opago when you need property management solutions that work for you and your clients.

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To make sure properties are ready for the next tenant, we provide first-class housekeeping services at predefined intervals. Regular cleaning, managed linens, and sustainably sourced toiletries are all part of the service, giving you peace of mind that the property will be perfectly presented in good time.

These regular housekeeping services are then scheduled through our tech platform, giving you complete oversight of the work we’re doing and your current inventory levels. Financial and performance reports are also available, allowing you to address your balance sheets with confidence.

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The quality of the service, and the professionalism of the team at Opago, enables us to run our end-to-end operations more efficiently.

Alvaro Ferro
General Manager


When you take on new properties, you may find that maintenance needs to be carried out before it can go to market. Our expert maintenance team takes care of everything, making sure that the property is compliant, safe and looking at its best from an electrical, plumbing, and aesthetic point of view. We also carry out ongoing maintenance services, including proactive work to address wear and tear alongside reactive work that remedies sudden issues.

Again, these services are managed through our sophisticated tech platform, allowing you to see what’s happening in your property and how we’re responding. This will also give you an insight into when a property will be ready to re-let.

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Guaranteeing compliance is vital for estate agents. Compliance ensures that a property is safe and that its tenants will be likewise. We take care of everything, undertaking checks and achieving certification at legally defined intervals. Whether you need a HMO licence or an updated gas safety certificate, we will do the work and centralise the documentation within our tech platform.

These documents are then available whenever required, and reminders are scheduled to ensure your property and tenants are protected 365 days a year.

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Our check-in and check-out services allow property managers to take a hands-off approach when dealing with tenants. Using our knowledge and experience, we ensure that a property is fit for purpose at the beginning and end of the tenancy.

For our check-in services, we prepare the property by cleaning, evaluating, and maintaining the space. Everything is tracked through our industry-leading tech platform, and you’ll see a rundown of everything we’ve identified and actioned. Then, on check-in day, we’ll be at the property to welcome the new tenant.

Then, once a tenancy has ended, we complete a review of the property with a view to bringing it back to the highest standards. This includes housekeeping, maintenance, and compliance, as well as meeting the tenants and providing anything they need upon checking out.

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