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Simplify short-term rentals with effective property solutions

By integrating with Opago, property managers with short-term rentals stand to save time and money, as well as being more efficient in their day to day operations. Our outstanding services provide everything a property manager needs, with our industry-leading tech platform to give you complete oversight of your portfolio.

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Our services

Our services ensure properties are ready for the next tenant, regardless of the turnaround timeframe. We work efficiently, providing fantastic services, including housekeeping, maintenance, compliance, and check ins. Check out the information below to see how we can scale your short-term rental portfolio.


With our housekeeping services, your short-term rentals stay clean and tidy no matter your tenant turnover. We know that getting a property ready for new tenants can be stressful, and this is amplified with multiple short-term tenancies. At Opago, we provide these housekeeping services, including cleaning, managed linens, and sustainably sourced toiletries, to take the stress away, save you money, and simplify your processes.

Our software makes everything straight forward by scheduling and automating all the tasks and giving you complete transparency.

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Sometimes, properties require maintenance to get them up to speed. At Opago, we have an in-house maintenance crew, and these experts take care of everything for you. Defined tradespeople, general maintenance teams, and niche workers are all part of the Opago family, so no matter the issue, we can take care of it efficiently.

Our electricians and plumbers have vast experience in keeping homes functional and safe, offering everything from small fixes to more complex work. Our handymen offer a range of services, including painting, small fixes, gardening, and more. All workers are time served and have excellent skill sets, guaranteeing first-class workmanship. And finally, our niche team takes care of everything else, including specialised and outsourced services.

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The quality of the service, and the professionalism of the team at Opago, enables us to run our end-to-end operations more efficiently.

Alvaro Ferro
General Manager


Regardless of the tenancy length, property compliance needs to be carried out at legally defined intervals. Using our top-class tech platform, we schedule, track, and implement all compliance services, keeping your property and tenants safe 365 days a year. The services we provide include landlord electrical safety certificates, gas safety inspections, and specialist licences, including Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs).

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With our check-in and check-out services, we make sure that the property is fit for purpose at the beginning and end of the tenancy.

Our check-in services prepare the property for its next tenant, undertaking cleaning, maintenance, and compliance services where required and tracking everything through our industry-leading tech platform. Then, on check in, we’ll be at the property to welcome the guests and provide them with any information they require.

Conversely, our check-out services are akin to a review of the property once a tenancy has been completed. Again, this includes necessary cleaning, maintenance, and compliance, as well as meeting the tenants and providing anything they need. This service is ideal for short-term rentals with a tight turnaround, as any issues can be reported and remedied efficiently.

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Industry-leading tech

Our industry-leading technology platform sets us apart from other property management solution firms in London. The software centralises all the information about your short-term rental, making it easy to access reports, schedules, and financial information as required. To reduce administrative tasks, this platform can also link with your existing PMS so that data can be integrated seamlessly.

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