Streamlined property management

We provide outstanding services to clients throughout London, including housekeeping, guest and tenant services, expert maintenance and compliance.

Our services are designed to make managing your property easier, and everything is accessible via our cutting-edge technology platform. With Opago-managed solutions, five-star reviews and improved client experience are in sight.

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From scheduling end-of-tenancy cleans and fire safety checks to organising regular maintenance and deep cleaning, Opago does it all. Our experience, knowledge, and professionalism guarantee a first-class service and we work hard to offer efficient, competitively priced solutions.

Flexible Letting

At Opago, we provide flexible letting solutions to clients in London, Barcelona, and Paris. This new-to-the-market approach allows you to source tenants easily, effectively scale your operations, and, in many cases, double your yield. Our occupancy rates are above 90%, and this is proof that we’re offering what residents are crying out for.

Traditional tenancies and ASTs are being consigned to history, and now is the time to look forwards. Discover our flexible letting services today to continue providing your guests with first-class accommodation in fantastic cities, now in a way that matches their lifestyle.

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We offer exceptional cleaning services from communal and shared spaces through to individual properties, ensuring that everything looks at its best and is guest ready. Our comprehensive cleaning covers linen, toiletries, and other amenities, all alongside standard services. In line with our sustainability goals, we use ethically sourced products where available.

Opago offers cutting-edge technology which allows you to automate all aspects of your housekeeping and property management, ensuring that everything happens in line with your schedule. Live updates and reports are available, and this means that any issues can be dealt with immediately, thus increasing client satisfaction and improving the services you can offer.

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To ensure a property is ready to be let out, we provide unique onboarding services for clients throughout London. We’re passionate about the services we provide and the high standards we adhere to are what make Opago the first choice for property management in the capital.

From general housekeeping to specialist maintenance and compliance, we take care of everything ahead of residents moving in. Alongside these first-class services, we use our cutting-edge technology to store your data, making it accessible and available on our tech platform whilst integrating with your existing software.

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Check in/out

Take the stress away from checking guests in and out with our property operations  solutions. Whether it’s a short-term guest or a long-term rental agreement, we aim to make every guest feel special. Professional cleaning, maintenance on any issues, and checking key amenities are all part of the service, and we ensure that everything is working perfectly before a resident sets foot in the home.

Our dedicated teams are available to meet and check in your residents whenever they arrive. We understand that early mornings and late nights are part and parcel of the landscape, so we base our schedule around you. We pride ourselves on being local experts and want to make every resident feel welcomed. We offer local recommendations, including the best restaurants, and share tips about the area for them to settle in nicely.

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Resident Support

Using our state-of-the-art technology, we support the residents in your property. The tech we employ ensures that we can respond to issues in real time, and this is why our customer satisfaction rates are  high. Information can be accessed 24 hours a day, and this is vital because of how quickly things can change.

From unexpected maintenance issues or arranging extra cleans, our resident services are perfect for property managers in London. Efficiency and effectiveness are core to our business, and we’re committed to providing the best services as quickly as possible.

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The quality of the service, and the professionalism of the team at Opago, enables us to run our end-to-end operations more efficiently.

Alvaro Ferro
General Manager


From time to time, properties require maintenance to keep them at their best. At Opago, we provide three distinct branches for this maintenance.



First, we offer planned, routine maintenance for properties across London. These services keep us one step ahead, protecting your investment and ensuring tenants are safe in their homes.



Second, we provide ad hoc services as required, including standby and non-emergency work. This work is typically signposted by our cleaning operatives and is dealt with in a timely manner, fitting around you and your tenants’ obligations.


Rapid response

Third, we offer rapid response emergency work when work needs to be carried out immediately. Our professional team of electricians, plumbers, and other operatives is on call around the clock, ready to provide class-leading work to clients in London.


As property managers, we know about the complexities that compliance brings with ever changing policies and guidelines to adhere to. It can be a hassle to keep track of and a stress to get right. So, why not let Opago take care of everything for you?

This time-consuming process can be an arduous task, especially if you’re in control of multiple properties, but Opago makes it straightforward. Our complete compliance service provides all legal documentation, protects your property, and automates reminders and tasks via our cutting-edge technology platform. Everything is stored within the platform, making it easily accessible and straightforward to follow.

Live updates mean that regular compliance is signposted to the relevant team, guaranteeing coverage 365 days a year.

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