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To make sure your property is ready for the first tenant, trust Opago and our class-leading onboarding services. Whether the property needs an aesthetic makeover or a complete redesign, our expert team takes care of everything. No matter the condition of a property, our vast experience and knowledge allow us to make the necessary changes to attract and retain tenants.

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A clean, well-kept home is the minimum that a tenant would expect, so guarantee an excellent first impression with our housekeeping and cleaning services. Alongside vacuuming, surface cleaning, and dusting, our services include specific housekeeping services that amplify the welcome your property can provide.

Managed linen services, sustainably sourced toiletries, and other amenities can all be provided by our housekeeping team. Linens are hotel-quality, combining the home qualities of a private residence with the luxury of a hotel stay. The sustainable toiletries show commitment to green initiatives and protect the planet alongside your investment.

The general cleaning services we provide are ideal for properties that haven’t been lived in for an extended period. Dust is inevitable and a refresh is usually needed to make sure that surfaces are clean and ready for use. Letting our expert team do this saves you huge amounts of time, especially if you’re managing large complexes or multiple properties.

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When a property is ready to go on the market, it’s essential to ensure that it is compliant with all legislation. At Opago, our experts are up to date with all aspects of tenancy law, so are perfectly placed to check your property for omissions.

The compliance service we offer covers several legally required tests that need to be carried out by certified engineers on a recurring basis in all properties. The larger the portfolio, the more time consuming and complex this can be to manage. By letting Opago take care of everything, you save time, money, and have all documentation safely stored and accessible on our platform.

As well as storing this information, our tech platform also allows everyone to see when compliance tasks are due and schedule an expert accordingly. This means that your property is always compliant and safe for tenants.

These services include landlord electrical safety certificates, as required by the government, and other regulatory certification, including gas safety, HMO permits, and more.

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Sometimes, properties require maintenance to get them up to speed. At Opago, we have an in-house maintenance crew, and these experts take care of everything for you. Defined tradespeople, general maintenance teams, and niche workers are all part of the Opago family, so no matter the issue, we can take care of it efficiently.

Our electricians and plumbers have vast experience in keeping homes functional and safe, offering everything from small fixes to more complex work. Our handymen offer a range of services, including painting, small fixes, gardening, and more. All workers are time served and have excellent skill sets, guaranteeing first-class workmanship. And finally, our niche team takes care of everything else, including specialised and outsourced services.

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Once your property is ready, you’ll need professional photography and videography services to garner interest for tenants. At Opago, this is another facet of our business. Our professional photographers ensure that your property is shown in the best light, highlighting key features and showing off everything the space has to offer.

Virtual Tours

Alongside our photography services, we work with a video team to create virtual tours for prospective tenants. These tours are immensely popular with viewers as they allow them to ‘walk’ around the property without leaving their home. Having this as an option is perfect if you’re targeting clients online, as they can make final decisions in confidence.

Industry-leading tech

As well as outstanding services, the thing that sets Opago apart from the competition is our industry-leading tech. Housed online, our tech records everything you need to know about your property, including work that’s been carried out, upcoming work, and more. A live schedule tracker, a request feature, and analytics are all stored within the app, making it easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

This tech makes managing a property easier than ever and you can have confidence that the Opago team are taking care of everything on your behalf.

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