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When you trust Opago’s professional services, checking tenants in and out becomes a seamless, effortless experience. Our all-encompassing solutions ensure a property is ready for tenants and that all vetting is carried out face-to-face, giving you peace of mind and tenants a warm welcome. All the information from these services is hosted on our tech platform as standard, giving you access to inventories, reports, and more.

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Pre-check in inspections

Our pre-check in inspections make sure that everything is just right before a tenant moves in. Checking that the home is clean and tidy is just part of the service, and our team works hard to make the property as welcoming as possible. Alongside spot cleaning, our team also checks for any maintenance  issues, as well as checking key amenities, such as Wi-Fi, TV connectivity, and utilities.

All Check in services are tracked via our industry-leading tech platform, with inventories, reports, and issues flagged in real time.

This service is perfect for first-time lets and properties that have had multiple tenants - you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Post-check out service

Similar to the pre-check in inspections, the post-check out services make sure that the property is still in excellent condition once a tenancy has vacated. Wear and tear are inevitable when renting, but minimising damage and keeping on top of maintenance means that turnaround is much more efficient.

Standard cleaning, linen services, and sustainable toiletries are all included as standard, with deep cleans, maintenance, and compliance services also available. We offer operatives to undertake any tasks and a professional housekeeping team to keep on top of cleaning tasks, leaving you to focus on what’s important.

All cleaning services are tracked via our tech platform, with inventories, reports, and issues flagged in real time.

Guest services

To ensure residents have everything they need, we provide an in-person check-in service. Also allowing a face to face vetting in person, whilst giving  residents a chance to be shown the property and demonstrate how everything works within the home. This allows them to ask any related questions as well as Opago providing the information about the local area. We’re well versed in the areas where properties are located, and are more than happy to provide insights wherever possible.

This service is a two-way street in that it gives you peace of mind that tenants are thoroughly vetted and that it helps them to settle in more easily. This in-person vetting process greatly reduces the chance of bad tenant experiences and is a popular choice for property managers already with Opago.

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Cutting-edge tech

As with all our services, the tech platform we use gives you and our team complete oversight of what’s happening in your property. This state-of-the-art platform hosts information about current inventory levels, any loss or damage, and any due compliance and maintenance issues that have occured.

This technology sets us apart from competitors and gives you accessible information to manage properties with ease. If you manage multiple properties, this information can be collated together to give comprehensive reports on a regular basis, taking the stress out of property management.

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