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Announcing SafeStay from Opago

October 27, 2022

No-one can say that the world hasn’t changed in the last few months. Some of this change may be permanent, some may be temporary, but we have all been impacted.

One thing that has become very clear is the need for increased focus on cleanliness across the property and hospitality industry; at least for the next few years.

As the early impact phase of the virus starts to flow into more of a management phase, the desire, and in some cases the need, to travel will return for many of us. Whether that is due to family or business reasons, one key consideration will be social distancing and cleanliness.

Travel will not and cannot stop. However making that travel safe is something we are determined to ensure for you and your customers.

Serviced apartments and short let businesses are very well positioned for social distancing. In fact we see this industry recovering better than traditional hotels in those areas that are starting to open up. As consumers look for somewhere private and secluded, even in major conurbations, the hotel model isn’t really a viable option.

However staying in an apartment can be less consistent in it’s standards than a hotel from a consumers perspective and that is why working with a partner that has a core focus on cleanliness and a strong track record of delivery is vital.

As a result Opago is proud to launch SafeStay.

SafeStay is a commitment from Opago to providing the best property cleaning service in London.


All of our staff now wear Personal Protective Equipment at all properties at all times to ensure the safety of our clients and their guests. We also now provide PPE to all of our clients.

Cleaning products

Our products have been reviewed to ensure they are strong enough and appropriate to tackle Covid-19 but without any risk of damage to your property. They are also environmentally friendly as this is a core value for Opago across everything we do.


Our cleaning processes and procedures are in line with WHO and UK government advice and we stay close to the changing picture to ensure you are receiving the best service at all times.

Social distancing

As well as the PPE equipment, we have also implemented social distancing measures to ensure that our staff are not within close proximity of your staff or guests. Also our reception space in Victoria is now open and has been optimised for social distancing.

Certified cleaners

Our cleaners are all CPD certified, holding The British Cleaning Certificate so you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality cleaning service.


SafeStay is in addition to the specific Covid-19 cleaning services we launched last month. These include anti-viral cleaning, disinfecting cleaning and upholstery cleaning. You can find the brochure for those services here.

To find out more about how Opago, London’s leading property operations company, can deliver the optimal property cleaning service for your business, get in touch today.


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