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With vast experience in the industry, cutting-edge technology, and a first-class workforce, Opago is perfectly positioned to provide property management solutions that allow companies to grow effectively. Our goal is to help you scale at twice the speed with half the risk - we take care of everything and allow you to focus on what matters most.

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Tech-enabled property management

Our first-rate solutions make property management hassle free. We’re a one-stop tech solution for operations in London, and the work we undertake ensures your property is attractive to clients.

Housekeeping and onboarding services keep your property at a high standard, while check-in and resident services mean you can take a hands-off approach to property management with peace of mind. We also cover maintenance and compliance, and these key services protect your property while keeping it safe for current and future tenants.

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For every type of property provider

Our far-reaching operations management  can assist with  all types of property services, across a wide range of different property providers. Whether you are a short let operator through to a block manager either in the private or public sector we are here to assist.

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Industry-leading tech platform

Our platform makes scheduling, reporting, and payments straightforward. From arranging extra cleans and booking compliance services to maintenance reports and more, Opago’s tech platform sets us apart from other property solution providers.

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The quality of the service, and the professionalism of the team at Opago, enables us to run our end-to-end operations more efficiently.

Alvaro Ferro
General Manager

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Industry-leading tech

We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive tech based property management solutions. From onboarding to maintenance and compliance through to housekeeping and guest services all of which is automated within our tech platform. Manage your entire portfolio through our industry-leading software, giving you complete visibility over your operations and full accessibility to financial reporting.


Made to measure

Our bespoke services are aligned with your business objectives to create a strong foundation for growth. We combine our industry expertise with award-winning operations technology, purpose built to transform and scale-up your business. On the ground, our highly-skilled, in-house team of professionals take care of the services you need. With top-rated operatives, maintenance engineers, account managers, and guest concierges, it’s no surprise our service is rated so highly.


Trusted partners

Rather than working for you we work with you. Opago partners with your business, becoming an extension of your operation. This allows us to leverage our unique capabilities and expertise to achieve your business goals. Your success is our success, and vice versa.


Sustainability is at the core of our business. We’re on a mission to become carbon-neutral and minimise our environmental impact, and we love sharing this goal as we forge partnerships throughout London. To help achieve our sustainability goals, we’ve introduced initiatives across the business. These include employing electric-powered vans, compostable coffee pods, and linking up with sustainability champions.

Like-minded brands, such as One Water, Ecover and WWF coffee, are all partnered with us, and this helps our continued efforts to deliver an environmentally-friendly operational service.

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